Certified Nursing Assistant Questions

  1. Do I have to go to college to be a CNA?

    Not in North Carolina. You do however have to pass the NNAAP exam to be placed on the state registry (which is where employers look when verifing that you are a CNA)

  2. Do I need to have a High School Diploma/ or GED to become a CNA?

    No. I North Carolina you do not have to have a high school diploma or GED to take the NNAAP exam. However we do, of course, encourage attaining one of the two for your professional future.

  3. What is the age requirement for becoming a CNA?

    In North Carolina you may take the NNAAP exam and be registered as a CNA at the age of 16. 

  4. How does this program work?

    In the state of NC you can challenge the NNAAP state exam for the CNA1 certification. if you pass then you are placed on the registry as a CNA, and can begin applying for jobs as a CNA. kinda like testing out of the college class.

    What my class does is teach you exactly whats on the test and how they wanna see it done...


  5. What do I need to bring to class?

    You need to wear loose fit, comfortable clothes, and easily removable shoes. You will be acting as a client during class as well as on the state exam. Also a notepad and pen for taking notes. We provide pizza for lunch. So, if you hate pizz bring a lunch. No other materials or equipement is needed.

  6. Where is the class held?

    The class is held at 1209 Rutherford road in Marion, North Carolina.

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